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CARE offers the following services:

I specialize in management level consulting services for strategic planning, cloud computing, change management, digital preservation and open source software. In particular, I offer:

1. Digital Preservation. If you're planning to begin a digital preservation effort, I can help you do the analysis, plan for the effort, and/or select the right software to handle your needs.

2. Cloud Computing. Trying to determine if cloud computing solutions are for your organization? Want a realistic understanding of where you need to have concerns and how they can be addressed? I can provide answers.

3. Change Management. Implementing change in any organization is challenging. My approach is to focus on the people, not the processes. I consider this the key to successful change management.

4. Open Source Software. I'll help you select the right open source software and verify its sustainability processes. Before using OSS, have me do an evaluation of the product, community and the prospects for long term viability.

5. Presentations/Talks. I've made presentations or done talks around the globe. Review the list of presentations done here and contact me if you'd like one done for your organization.

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