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Carl Grant is an independent consultant in library and information science and sales/marketing operations. He has been the Chief Librarian of the Ex Libris Group and President of Ex Libris North America. Mr. Grant has also held senior executive positions in a number of library automation companies. Mr. Grant has demonstrated his commitment to libraries, librarianship, and industry standards through his active participation in the American Library Association (ALA); in the ALA Association of College and Research Libraries, ALA Library Technology and Information Association, and ALA Exhibits Round Table; and on the board of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), where he held offices as board member, treasurer, and chair. Under Mr. Grant's leadership, NISO underwent a transformation that resulted in a revitalized library standards organization. In recognition of his contribution to the library industry, Library Journal named Mr. Grant an industry notable. Mr. Grant holds a master's degree of arts in library science from the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Publications (last two years)

Grant, Carl. "Construction Zones on the Library Road to the Future", Public Library Quarterly. Volume 31, Issue 1, 2012. Pages 21-47. March 2012.

Grant, Carl.  Chapter: “Head in the Clouds?  A Librarian/Vendor Perspective on Cloud Computing.” Getting Started with Cloud Computing: A LITA Guide. 2011.

Grant, Carl. “A Clear Call for Revolutionary, Not Evolutionary, Thinking in Librarianship”, Public Library Quarterly. Volume 30, Number 2, Pages 158-164.  June 2011. 

Grant, Carl. “The Cooperative We Need:  Open & Collaborative Library Content”, Public Library Quarterly.  Volume 30, Number 1, Pages 34-39. February 2011.

Grant, Carl. “The Rise of the E-Book”.  Panlibus Magazine.  Issue 15, Winter 2010, Pages 4-5.

Grant, Carl.  “How Librarians Can Shape the Future”, Public Library Quarterly. Volume 29, Issue 2, 2010, Pages 95 – 103.

Grant, Carl.  “A Partnership for Creating Successful Partnerships”, Information Technology and Libraries, Volume 29, Number 1, March 2010, Pages, 5-7.

Presentations / Panels (last two years)

What should be the future of librarianship?  Colorado School of Mines, January 30th, 2012.  Golden, Colorado.

Cloud Computing in your library’s future?  Ensure a sunny outcome.  Innovatics Conference, October 25, 2011, Santiago, Chile.

Keynote. FLA/PLAN Conference.  Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground.   August 19, 2011, Niceville, Florida.

Keynote.  Lyrasis Board Meeting, August 2011, Palm Beach, Florida.

Cloud Computing in your library’s future?  Ensure a sunny outcome.  European Library Automation Group Conference, May 25th, 2011, National Technical Library, Prague, Czech Republic.

Cloud Computing in your library’s future?  Ensure a sunny outcome.  International Symposium on Digital Libraries, XVIII ISTEC General Assembly, Porto Allegro, Brazil.  May 19th, 2011

eScience & Librarianship. International Symposium on Digital Libraries, XVIII ISTEC General Assembly, May, 18th, 2011, Porto Allegro, Brazil. 

Head In the Clouds, Feet On the Ground: Finding the Right Path to Adopting New Technology.  May 6th, 2011, Florida Library Association, Orlando, Florida.

The Future of Library Vendors.  Oregon Library Association, April 6, 2011, Salem, Oregon.

Trends in Digital Preservation - North America.  Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG), April 4th, 2011, British Library, London, UK.

RMG's 21st Annual Presidents' Seminar: Reformation of the Library Automation Industry: Software as a Service (SaaS) .  ALA MW, January 2011, San Diego, California.

Library Journal’s ILS Roundtable.  American Library Association, Mid-Winter Conference, January 2011, San Diego, California.

The bX Recommender: Search Informing Discovery.  CNI Membership Meeting, Arlington, Virginia, Fall 2010.  

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